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We provide childcare services in Edinburgh. Not to forget, pre-school services in Edinburgh are also included.

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Your child has a lot of potential. Recognizing them and guiding them accordingly will lead them to find their way in life. It is better to teach them how to think rather than what to think. Teaching them the proper kind of knowledge will pave the way towards a good and bright future. Come, join us, the biggest and the most reliable childcare center. Book an appointment, call us for a free consultation, come meet us in real, we do every possible extent in our reach to keep you and your baby smiling forever.

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I just had my newborn a few months ago. Since this was my first baby ever, I was not sure of what to do. My friend who had her 2nd baby suggested baby rainbow. I wish to further refer to all the new mothers to not feel alone and call them out before taking any vital decision or step.

Margaret Abbey

I was out of town when my wife broke her water. I was absolutely in trauma thinking about my wife’s condition. But since I had known about them online, I called them, gave my address, and they took care of my wife and my baby on my behalf. Really can’t thank them enough for being there where I couldn’t.

Ryan Mcgregor

All my life I had raised my both children. Now the time has come where my children are going to have their children. They are managing it well with a childcare service, namely, baby rainbow, rainbow kindergarten. I wish I had them when I was young so that I could have had time for myself as well. Thank you for making our lives easier.

Cynthia Stewart